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Rotakids is a junior version of Rotary for children under 12 years of age. Our Rotakids Group is supported by Alford Rotary Club. As a Rotakid children endeavour to make a positive difference to their school, their community and the world.  To become a member children must learn and say their pledge to a Rotary member.

Children in Primary 7 are Office Bearers. They each serve half the year, August – February then February to July.

Current Office Bearers are: Daniel, Faith & Alexander

All children Primary 1 – 7 are Rotakids with children in Primary 3 – 7 actively involved.

Rotakids are the blanket group under which our other pupil groups sit (Pupil Council, Eco Group, Technology and Sport Group). Meetings are held on the Friday following School Group meetings. Meetings start with the Rotakids pledge and end with the ‘Happy Clap’. Each School Group feeds back on activities they have been doing.

Rotakids Pledge:

As a Rotakid:

I endeavour to be fair to all

To serve my community

And to show respect for others

To make a difference to

Our School, Our Community. Our World.