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Outdoor Learning

We are very fortunate that the school has an excellent setting which allows us to make extensive use of the outdoors. We have raised vegetable beds in which we grow vegetables.

The Millennium Garden was created for the millennium in 2000. It is tarred in the letters M-I-D-M-A-R. Each space between the letters forms the garden. In the first M we have a plastic bottle greenhouse and soft fruit bushes. The I has raised beds which have recently been replanted with shrubs. The D has a willow tunnel. In the centre is a totem pole and beneath the pole is a time capsule. The second M is our global area with plants from across the world. The A is a sensory area with grasses (hear) colourful plants (see), herbs (smell and taste) and finally plants with different leaves – soft, prickly etc (touch). Finally the R is our Scottish area which includes heathers and thistles.

We have planted a hedge on the North side of the car park to encourage wildlife.  We planted fruit trees and sown wild flowers in the area where the Portacabin was situated.

The park around the school is surrounded by a variety of hardwood trees and the forest behind the school is used for Forest School activities. Bird boxes have been erected on the trees surrounding the Park.

A short walk down ‘the Glen’ allows us to us the burn for water activities.  We also can access the grounds of Corsindae House, which we can use for walks, courtesy of Mr R Fyffe.