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Rotakids is a junior version of Rotary for children under 12 years of age. Our Rotakids Group is supported by Alford Rotary Club. As a Rotakid children endeavour to make a positive difference to their school, their community and the world.  To become a member children must learn and say their pledge to a Rotary member.

The Rotakids pledge is:

“As a RotaKid, I endeavour to be fair to all , to serve my community and to show respect for others, to make a difference to our school, our community, our world.”

Children in Primary 3 – 7 are Rotakids. Rotakids meet fortnightly.

This year’s President is Alex, Secretary is Jamie and Treasurer is Matthew.

Each session we chose two whole school charities to support, one local (UK) and another Global.  Charities chosen for 2016- 2017 are The Bumblebee Conservation Trust and UNICEF. Money is raised at Community Cafes and other events throughout the year.

Each class will also run their own enterprise to raise awareness and money for the following charities:

P1-P3: Mary’s Meals – Backpack appeal

P4-P5: Autism Scotland

P6-P7: Changes Faces

Community Group and Pupil Council will also organise events to raise money for Children in Need, Sport Relief and Macmillan Cancer.