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Primary 4 – 5

There are 15 pupils in Primary 4 – 5:

6 children in Primary 4 and 9 children in Primary 5

In Maths, we have been doing lots of adding and getting better at column method (chimney sums) and have practised both the expanded and short versions. We are enjoying Sumdog as well, and will keep trying to win a competition!

Our reading book, Danny Champion of the World, is really exciting. It is good to see how Roald Dahl makes his stories come to life with great characters and a fantastic plot. 

We like using pictures from Pobble365 to give us ideas for our own story writing. We have also been looking at how to use really persuasive language in our writing. 

It has been good to get outside for PE some of the time – especially for ClubGolf, because we can hit the ball much further!

In Health and Wellbeing, we are focusing on honesty and recognising that sometimes being honest means being brave, too.

Life in the Antarctic is hard for humans and for animals. We have been learning how the Antarctic food web means that everything is connected and for one species to survive all the others need to survive too. We were amazed at the courage and determination Ernest Shackleton and his crew showed when their Antarctic expedition went wrong, and we look forward to learning more about the life of an explorer when we visit Captain Scott’s ship Discovery in Dundee.

As well as using French in the classroom nearly every day, we have been learning Spanish with Mrs Green once a week. We celebrated European Day of Languages by dressing up in flag colours.