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Primary 4 – 5

There are 15 pupils in Primary 4 – 5:

6 children in Primary 4 and 9 children in Primary 5 

This term P4/5 are investigating the states of matter – solid, liquid and gas – and finding out about condensation, evaporation, freezing and melting.

We are also going to look at different festivals and how people celebrate them.

Our class novel is Saving Finnegan, and we want to know if Holly will be able to save him! We will be doing most of our reading in class, so there is plenty time to read our library books and panto scripts  at home.

In Maths we are concentrating on multiplying and dividing. We are practising our times tables and looking at families of calculations.

For outdoor learning we have been gardening and we have started forest classroom. We are building our own dens and learning how to tie different knots and lashings.

We enjoyed making lava lamps and watching them bubble!

lee lava lamp

Amy lava lamp