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Health Group

Health Group meet every two weeks. It is run by pupils and supported by Mrs Jansen.

Members are as follows: Demi, Karagh, Eva, Shannan, Fionn, Thomas, Molly, Amy, Tor, Chloe, Matteo, Danny and Delilah.

Office Bearers are:

Chairperson: Demi

Vice Chairperson: Karagh

Secretary: Eva and Shannan

Congratulations to last year’s Health Group who supported Midmar School to achieve a Silver School Sports award. This session we are planning to work towards our gold award. Very soon we will be forming a sports committee, made up of pupils, parents and staff.

Health Group continue to run our safety focus group (JRSOs) and lead our healthy eating and wellbeing plans. Emotional and social wellbeing is a whole school focus this session.